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​​​​​​​​Comments or request to speak at a scheduled hearing which are in response to any plans, waiver or technical review must be submitted no less than 5 days prior to the hearing date by email or mail to:

  • Illinois State Police
  • Statewide 9-1-1 Bureau, 300-S
  • 801 South 7th Street
  • Springfield, IL 62703

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Submitted Plans

Note - Please select a 911 System to see more details and additional files.

911 System Consolidation Plan/Waiver Date Received ALJ Hearing Date & Time
NWCD_Barrington Opt In_mod NWCD_Barrington Opt In_mod 2/24/2022
Jersey County_NG911 mod_22-M-296 Jersey County_NG911 mod_22-M-296 1/10/2022
McLean County_Mod 21-M-286 McLean County_Mod 21-M-286 2/11/2021
Hamilton County_NG911_SSP Mod_21-M-291 Hamilton County_NG911_SSP Mod_21-M-291 8/9/2021
Grundy County_statewide NG911_mod Grundy County_statewide NG911_mod 6/17/2022
Cook County_Chicago Heights Opt In_mod Cook County_Chicago Heights Opt In_mod 9/23/2021
Clinton County_statewide NG911_mod Clinton County_statewide NG911_mod 6/15/2022
NE Lake County_statewide NG911_mod NE Lake County NG911_mod_22-M-208 6/27/2022
Southwest Central_PSAP change_21-M-289 Southwest Central_Move PSAP_21-M-289_Mod 7/7/2021
West Central Joint ETSB_NG911 mod_22-M-301 West Central Joint ETSB_NG911 mod_22-M-301 4/20/2022
Cencom_Barrington Opt Out_mod Cencom_Barrington Opt Out_mod 2/24/2022
CalComm_Dixmoor Opt In_mod CalComm_Dixmoor Opt In_mod 6/6/2022
Jefferson County_NG911 mod_21-M-292 Jefferson County NG911 Mod_21_M_292_Redacted 8/16/2021
Lawrence County Modification Plan Lawrence County Modification Plan 9/17/2021
Wayne County_NG911 mod_21-M-290 Wayne County_NG911 mod_21-M-290 7/30/2021
Kendall County_statewide NG911_mod Kendall County_statewide NG911_mod 6/17/2022
Proviso_Elmwood Park_optin_Mod Proviso Leyden_ Elmwood Park Opt in_Mod_21-M-286 4/6/2021
Christian County_backup change_mod Christian County_backup change_mod_red 4/5/2022
West Suburban_Elmwood Park Opt Out-Mod West Suburban_Elmwood Park Opt Out-Mod 4/6/2021
Peoria/Stark County_Consol_22-C-297 Peoria/Stark County_Consol_22-C-297 2/14/2022 4/13/2022 10:00 AM
Franklin County_NG911_mod Franklin County_NG911_mod 6/30/2022
Macoupin County_NG911 mod_21-M-295 Macoupin County_NG911 mod_21-M-295 12/7/2021
Cook County_Dixmoor Opt Out_mod Cook County_Dixmoor Opt Out_mod 6/6/2022
Macon County_statewide NG911_mod Macon County_statewide NG911_mod 6/15/2022
Madison County Consol_19-C-254 (rev 10-24-19) Madison County Consol_19-C-254 (rev 10-24-19) 10/24/2019 10/28/2019 10:15 AM