Patrol - Leadership

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  • Colonel David Byrd
  • Deputy Director

Colonel David Byrd is 31-year veteran of the Illinois State Police. Colonel Byrd was appointed as the Deputy Director for the Division of Patrol on August 1, 2020. Before his appointment to Deputy Director, Colonel Byrd held the following ranks: Lieutenant Colonel, serving as the Assistant Deputy Director for the Office of the Director (OOD), Major, serving as the North Region Commander, and Captain, serving as the Commander of District Chicago. Colonel Byrd held numerous supervisory positions in District Chicago, with an extensive tour of duty as the District Chicago Special Enforcement Team Commander. Colonel Byrd started his career as a member of Cadet Class 84 in August, 1989 and was assigned to District 3 (Chicago) as a Probationary Trooper. Colonel Byrd was born and raised on the southside of Chicago, he attended Lindblom Technical High School (Class of 85). Colonel Byrd attended Grambling State University (Grambling, La.), where he majored in Criminal Justice. Colonel Byrd is also member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

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  • Lieutenant Colonel Margaret McGreal
  • Assistant Deputy Director

Lieutenant Colonel Margaret McGreal currently serves as the Lieutenant Colonel in the ISP’s Division of Patrol; the first female to hold this position within the ISP.

McGreal began her career with the Illinois State Police in May 1997. Upon graduation from the Academy, she was assigned to patrol as a trooper in District Chicago. McGreal quickly earned a reputation as a hardworking trooper and a leader. Her proactive patrol efforts and numerous criminal arrests led to her selection for District Chicago’s Special Enforcement Team (SET); a team focused on strategically identifying, targeting and apprehending violent criminals. During her time on SET, Lt. Col. McGreal made numerous criminal arrests, often leading the district, and making her an integral part of the team.

In 2006, McGreal earned a promotion to the rank of Sergeant, followed by a promotion to the rank Master Sergeant in 2009. She was then assigned as the supervisor of District Chicago’s Violent Crimes Initiative Unit. During this time, she was also responsible for the District’s Field Training Program, which provided new troopers with the necessary resources to become successful throughout their careers. In 2014, McGreal was promoted to Lieutenant. As a Lieutenant in District Chicago, McGreal was responsible for the District’s South Sector Patrol, and some time later for the District’s Specialty Units.

In 2018, McGreal reached a career aspiration when she was promoted to Captain of District Chicago. In 2019, McGreal was appointed to her current position as Lieutenant Colonel for the Division of Patrol. Lt. Col. McGreal currently oversees Support Services Command which is comprised of units that support patrol such as the Criminal Patrol Team (CRIMPAT), the Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) section, the Motorcycle Enforcement Bureau (MEB), and the Safety Education Unit (SEU), to name a few.

Throughout her career, Lt. Col. McGreal has received various awards for her hard work including a Department Unit Citation, several Officer of the Month awards and an Employee of the Quarter award. In 2014, she was awarded the “Rising Shields of Law Enforcement” by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. Lt. Col. McGreal has also received numerous Department recognitions for her participation in countless high-risk situations, including the apprehension of several individuals following the attempted murder of a police officer, aggravated vehicular hijackings, and a child abduction investigation.

Lt. Col. McGreal has been a vital part of all aspects of the Illinois State Police. Due to her vast professional experience, she is regularly sought out by her peers for advice and guidance. Lt. Col. McGreal is also dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge to empower all ISP troopers, continuously encouraging them to attend trainings, conferences, and events in the law enforcement community to help develop their skills and expand their professional network. Lt. Col. McGreal has repeatedly served as a mentor in the ISP’s mentoring program, where she has eagerly invested her time, and shared her experience and knowledge in order to enhance the professional development of others, preparing them to become future ISP leaders.

Lt. Col. McGreal was born and raised in Hegewisch-- the most southeastern neighborhood in the city of Chicago. Lt. Col. McGreal graduated from the University of Illinois in Chicago with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science degree in Criminal Justice.

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  • Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Owen
  • Assistant Deputy Director

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Owen was appointed as the Assistant Deputy Director for the Division of Patrol Operations Command. Before his appointment, Lieutenant Colonel Owen achieved a diverse background in the ISP having served as the Southern Patrol Commander, the Northern Investigative Commander, the Region III Commander, the District 9 Commander, the Division of Operations Chief of Staff, the Division of Operations Deputy Chief of Staff, an Executive Protection Unit Travel Detail Leader, the Statewide Criminal Interdiction Coordinator, a District 10 K9 Officer, the District 10 Special Enforcement Team Sergeant, and a U.S. Department of Justice D.E.A Task Force Officer. Lieutenant Colonel Owen is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Police Staff and Command School. He holds a bachelor’s degree in administration of justice from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Lieutenant Colonel Owen was instrumental in the development and implementation of a Criminal Patrol Section within the Illinois State Police responsible for removing criminals and contraband from the roadways and training Illinois State Troopers.