Intelligence Command

The ISP Intelligence Command was established in 2009 to support ISP’s commitment to public safety through information sharing and intelligence-led policing. The Intelligence Command is comprised of the Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center (STIC), the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), the Intelligence Support Unit (ISU), and the Digital Crimes Unit (DCU).

The STIC is, the state designnated fusion center, opened in 2003 and seeks to improve information sharing with and between public safety officials. As a member of the National Network of Fusion centers, STIC personnel have the ability to quickly obtain and share information with partners regarding national trends and critical incidents. The Center’s all-crimes and all-hazards approach has led to the development of public safety outreach programs, benefitting the lives of the citizens of Illinois.

The JTTF is a statewide unit within the Intelligence Command, within which ISP attaches Special Agents to FBI Chicago and Springfield offices. Members of the JTTF partner with the FBI, as well as local, state, and other federal law enforcement personnel, to investigate both international and domestic terrorism incidents and individuals.

The ISU and DCU extend ISP’s technical investigative capabilities to all law enforcement by lending specialized technical, intelligence, and investigative forensic expertise to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Each of these services and units adhere to the privacy and civil liberties controls and the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions. To that end the STIC publishes their privacy policy publicly.

STIC Privacy Policy