Special Investigations Unit

Citizens of Illinois have the right to be represented by public officials without corruption and dereliction. The Illinois State Police was founded on the motto of “Integrity, Service, and Pride” and has adhered to those tenets for nearly a century. Because of that unwavering spirit, it is only fitting ISP is the agency responsible for investigating allegations of malfeasance. The Special Investigations Unit within the Division of Criminal Investigation is a cadre of seasoned agents who have statewide jurisdiction and handle a wide range of criminal investigations, including allegations of criminal wrongdoing by elected officials, or criminal acts perpetrated by appointees of a government body at the state and local levels. Cases are referred to the Special Investigations Unit by local agencies, prosecutors, and other public officials. Reports may be made directly to the Special Investigations Unit by the public as well. Ultimately, the Special Investigations Unit strives to build public trust in state and local government by conducting comprehensive, objective investigations while encouraging voluntary accountability by those officials elected by the people.