Forensics - Leadership

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  • Colonel Sean Cormier
  • Deputy Director

Colonel Sean Cormier is the Deputy Director of the Division of Forensic Services. He began his career with the ISP in 1995, as a member of Cadet Class 92. As a Trooper, he worked patrol in District 18, was a member of the Tactical Response Team (SWAT), and served in the Executive Protection Unit where he was promoted to Sergeant. He held several positions at the Training Academy from 2003 to 2009, including Physical Fitness Coordinator, Cadet Class Coordinator, and was promoted to Master Sergeant as the Assistant Bureau Chief, Bureau of Training. Colonel Cormier served as Chief of Staff in the Division of Forensic services from 2009 to 2011, was promoted to Lieutenant and returned to the Academy as Training Bureau Chief. He attended FBI National Academy Session 250, served as Commander of the Special Operations Command, then the Crime Scene Services Command where he was promoted to Captain. In 2015, he was appointed to Lieutenant Colonel in the Division of Administration, then returned to the Division of Forensic Services in 2017 and was appointed to Colonel in 2018. As Deputy Director of the Division of Forensic Services, Colonel Cormier is committed to continuous improvement and the efficient, effective delivery of crime scene and forensic laboratory services to the criminal justice community.

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  • Robin J. Woolery
  • Assistant Deputy Director

Assistant Deputy Director (ADD) Robin Woolery began her career in Forensics in 1992, after completing her Master’s degree in Biochemistry. She worked with the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Drug Chemist for two years and then moved to Des Moines, IA and began working with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. This position allowed ADD Woolery to work as a Drug Criminalist and a Crime Scene Investigator. She specialized in Clandestine Lab Investigations for five years. In 2000, she and her family returned to the Chicagoland area and she began her career with the Illinois State Police in 2001. ADD Woolery worked as an analyst at the Forensic Science Center at Chicago (FSC-C) until she became a Drug Chemistry Group Supervisor at the Joliet Forensic Science Laboratory in 2003. In 2007, she was promoted to Laboratory Director at the Joliet Lab. By January 2017, she found herself back at the FSC-C as the Lab Director. As the Assistant Deputy Director of the Division of Forensic Services, currently, ADD Woolery oversees both the operations in the Forensic Sciences Command and the Crime Scene Services Command.