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Director Brendan F. Kelly

We are proud to unveil the newly redesigned Illinois State Police website.

It’s brighter, cleaner, less-cluttered, informative and --- mobile friendly. Yes, you can check out the new site from your phone, tablet, or other portable computing device.

After months of hard work, the new Illinois State Police website is ready. From patrol to forensics, investigations to firearms, it’s a total web reboot.

Any good website should be ever-evolving. Ours is no different. Over the next few weeks, the web team will continue their efforts developing new content and features to improve functionality. We want visitors to our website to have the best experience possible. We also want to display the incredibly diverse missions and responsibilities of the ISP and the values of integrity, service, and pride.

We hope visitors will take a minute and click around the site, explore our recruiting page or our forensic statistics or look through some photo galleries. And we invite you to come back again and again to check out the new content and features.

The URL has changed so don’t forget to update your bookmarks to

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Brendan F. Kelly