OEIG Referrals

OEIG Jurisdiction:

The jurisdiction of the Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor extends to the governor, the lieutenant governor, and all officers and employees of, and vendors and others doing business with, executive branch state agencies, except for those that fall under the jurisdiction of the attorney general, the secretary of state, the comptroller or the treasurer.

This jurisdiction encompasses the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Department of Corrections, and the Illinois Department of Transportation. The OEIG's jurisdiction also includes approximately 300 state boards and commissions, including the Illinois Commerce Commission, the Illinois State Board of Education, and the Illinois State Police Merit Board. Additionally, The OEIG's jurisdiction extends to the nine state public universities and the four regional transit boards (the Regional Transportation Authority, the Chicago Transit Authority, Metra, and Pace).

Certain complaints received by the OEIG may, as appropriate, require the involvement of other investigative or prosecutorial entities. Criminal matters may require the participation of, or referral to, other prosecuting or law enforcement authorities. In addition, the investigation of certain complaints may be referred to, or require the participation of, other inspectors general who serve specific public entities.

DII Procedures:

OEIG will send referrals (request for information or complaints) to ISP/DII to the attention of the DII Liaison. DII acts as the central repository for all OEIG referrals to ISP. The referrals are logged into a database and then sent to the appropriate division within ISP (i.e., complaint regarding a FOID card will be directed to FOID for response) or DII will handle the referral (i.e., criminal allegation). DII ensures a response, and, if criminal, an investigation is completed regarding the referral. This information is added to the database and provided to OEIG on a monthly report.

Requests for Information:

The DII liaison will review the referral and send to the appropriate DII office for handling. For example, requests for information regarding FOID card processing will be sent to the DII-Springfield Lieutenant who will contact FOID and instruct them to review the referral and provide an email response to DII within 10 days. This information is added to the database and the referral is closed.

Complainant Referrals:

Complainant Referrals: The DII liaison will review the referral and send to the appropriate DII office for handling. A complaint referral will have an attached OEIG Complaint Form. This form will contain the complainant information, an outline of the complaint, the subject of the complaint, etc. These are to be reviewed by the appropriate DII office Lieutenant (based on the complaint location) for criminal content. If there is criminal content, DII will open an investigation, and this will be added to the database. OEIG will be notified by memo upon case closure of the outcome. If the complaint does not contain criminal content and is administrative, the complainants’ information has been redacted and DII cannot contact anyone, or the complaint is not regarding a state agency, the referral is closed, and this information will be added to the database.