Investigative Support Command

The Division of Criminal Investigation, Investigative Support Command (ISC) consists of the Drug and Human Trafficking Enforcement Bureau (TEB), the Intelligence Support Unit (ISU), the Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), the Clandestine Drug Lab Response Teams (CLT), the Statewide Cold Case Unit (CCU), and DCI Special Projects.

The TEB provides program support for the 22 Metropolitan Enforcement Groups and Multi-jurisdictional Drug Task Forces operating under the authority of ISP throughout the state. TEB also executes investigations and operations combatting human trafficking in Illinois.

Drug and Human Trafficking

The ISU and DCU extend ISP’s technical investigative capabilities to all law enforcement by lending specialized technical, intelligence, and investigative forensic expertise to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Each of these services and units adhere to the privacy and civil liberties controls, and the U.S. and Illinois constitutions. CLTs strategically assigned throughout the state provide certified drug lab dismantlers and agents trained in mitigation of the hazardous materials and bi-products associated with illegal clandestine drug labs.

The CCU was created to coordinate and provide support in the continued investigation of cold/aged case homicides investigated by ISP. CCU also provides support to other law enforcement agencies when requested.

Unsolved Crime