Troop 15

Tollways Served: Tri-State I-94, I-294, and I-80; Reagan Memorial I-88; Jane Adams Memorial I-90; Veterans Memorial I-355; and Illinois Route 390 Tollway

Troop 15 is responsible for patrolling the following roadways and facilities, which encompass 294 miles and span 12 counties in the greater Chicagoland region:

  • Tri-State Tollway/I-94, I-294, and I-80
  • Reagan Memorial Tollway/I-88
  • Jane Addams Memorial Tollway/I-90
  • Veterans Memorial Tollway/I-355
  • Illinois Route 390 Tollway
  • 5 Oases
  • 30 Mainline Toll Plazas
  • 57 Ramp Plazas
  • 47 Unattended Plazas

Troop 15 headquarters is in Downers Grove. In addition to normal patrol functions, ISP Troopers work throughout the Troop addressing gun and drug trafficking within local communities and on the interstates. ISP responsibilities include traffic enforcement, criminal patrol, commercial motor vehicle enforcement, and assisting the public on Illinois roadways.

Contact Us

  • Headquarters
  • Downers Grove
    • 2700 Ogden Ave.
    • Downers Grove, Illinois 60515
    • Phone: (630) 241-6800 Ext. 5030

    • Public Lobby Hours:
    • 24 hours