Pipes and Drums

In 1987, the Illinois State Police became the first state police organization in the United States to bring the stirring sounds of traditional Celtic music to mark significant events for the department or for the men and women who work there. Since that time, kilted marchers stepping off a rousing tune have become a traditional start for the graduations of cadets and recruits at the academy or for ribbon cuttings, conference openings, or other ceremonies. The pipes and drums have been present too, to help say a final farewell to sworn and civilian members of the ISP family or their loved ones with the strains of "Amazing Grace" and other hymns.

The Pipes and Drums of the ISP, a non-profit group that operates under its own charter, does its best to respond to the requests it receives each year from local law enforcement agencies, civic groups, and others. The members of the Pipes and Drums including agency employees, retirees, or outside volunteers, fulfill many of these requests on their own time and at their own expense. They also pay the costs of their instruments and of their Celtic regalia with their own money or with funds the band has raised.

The band would be honored to assist at the funerals of law enforcement officers around the state, whether employed by local, county, state, or federal agencies. We also consider requests from public agencies and such groups as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Crimefighters, and others.

To request the band's services, contact Kevin Park at (217) 524-3803 or Pipes.Drums@illinois.gov.