Honor Guard seal

Honor Guard

When called upon, the Honor Guard team serves as a tribute to sworn personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The team also pays tribute to deceased active and retired personnel. Tributes include; serving as pallbearers, rifle bearers, and presenting national, State, and ISP colors. The team also participates in national conferences, parades, local and national police memorials, and honor guard competitions. Members of the team are physically fit, possess impeccable uniform standards, are in good standing with the Department, have a willingness to perform close quarter drill and ceremony, and appreciate the meaning of Integrity, Service and Pride. Initially, team members receive two weeks of training, followed by monthly in service training. The team wears Honor Guard uniforms, which distinguishes them as members of the team. The team consists of two units, North and South, and numbers approximately 50 officers.

Requests for ISP Honor Guard services should be made to:

Chicago area
Sergeant Tyrone White

Central and Southern Illinois
Master Sergeant Ryan Finney

Statewide Honor Guard Coordinator
Master Sergeant Amber-Lee Dunn