Illinois State Police Memorial Park

The Illinois State Police has proudly served the citizens of Illinois since 1922. Throughout our nearly 100 year history, the men and women sworn to protect and serve the citizens of the state have recited the Oath of an Officer. While the whole Oath is available below, an excerpt reads “to give my utmost to protect the rights, property, and lives of our citizens.” The fallen officers gave their EVERYTHING. Each of them recited this very oath upon graduation from the Illinois State Police Academy.

The Illinois State Police Memorial Park is dedicated to honoring the lives and memories of those lost in honorary service to the people of this great state. Let us remember these heroes who lost their lives while upholding their oath. We dedicate this site to them and extend our deepest sympathy to their families and friends.

Oath of an Officer

I solemnly vow to the people of Illinois, upon my honor as an officer and citizen, to discharge the duties of an officer of the Illinois State Police to the best of my ability, to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Illinois State Police, and to adopt the Agency's mission and goals into my everyday life. I pledge to be honest in thought, word, and deed; to maintain unimpeachable integrity; to be just, fair, and impartial; to be steadfast against evil and its temptations; and to give my utmost to protect the rights, property, and lives of our citizens. I shall strive to give thoughtful, intelligent obedience to the commands of my superiors, to make my conduct friendly but impartial, courteous but firm, and charitable to the inadvertent violator. But I shall never compromise with crime and shall, at all times, uphold the Constitutions and laws of my country and the state of Illinois.