2018 ISP Awards

The recipients of these awards exemplify the motto of the Illinois State Police- Integrity, Service and Pride. These men and women have been recognized for their display of professionalism, dedication, and exemplary service to the citizens of Illinois.

2018 Officer of the Year, Special Agent Matthew R. Poulter

Special Agent Matthew R. Poulter is assigned to Zone 4 of the Division of Criminal Investigation. His motivation to serve the citizens of western Illinois is evident by his exemplary performance, particularly in Violent Crime Investigations. In 2018, Special Agent Poulter served as the lead case agent in two particularly brutal homicides in western Illinois, and through his efforts, which included the execution of 25 search warrants and over 90 interviews, the entire investigative team was able to bring a sense of closure to the victims’ families.

Special Agent Poulter also serves as an Adjunct Faculty Member at Western Illinois University in Macomb, providing instruction on Criminal Investigation and Crime Scene Investigation. Special Agent Poulter was instrumental in the administration of the Mock Crime Scene Investigation competition at Western Illinois University for several years. His willingness to teach and mentor the future members of law enforcement is indicative of his commitment to improving law enforcement, and his sense of public service. Special Agent Poulter’s dedication to duty and professionalism are commendable. The Illinois State Police is proud to have Special Agent Poulter among its ranks.

2018 Telecommunicator of the Year

Telecommunicator Specialist Kathy Ecklund has proudly served the Illinois State Police for more than 24 years as a Telecommunicator Specialist. Ms. Ecklund continually goes above and beyond in her position with the Illinois State Police. The Illinois State Police is pleased to honor her as the 2018 Telecommunicator of the Year. She has not only earned the respect of her peers and subordinates but also has earned the respect of sworn officers throughout the Department. Every day she comes to work, she approaches her job with “Integrity, Service and Pride.”

The Des Plaines Communications Center received several new hires in the past year. Ms. Ecklund was tasked with training some of these trainees. Her patience in training demonstrated not only her professional attitude, but also her dedication to the Illinois State Police. Her goal is to always make sure these trainees receive the highest level of training in order to succeed as a Telecommunicator. Ms. Ecklund has been the “calm in a stream of chaos” many times during her career. She provides support to anyone who requests it, always going that extra step. The Illinois State Police thanks Ms. Ecklund for her contributions to law enforcement and the citizens of Illinois.

2018 Forensic Scientist of the Year

Ms. Amanda Humke serves as a Forensic Scientist III in the Biology Section at the Springfield Forensic Science Laboratory. Throughout her career, she has been a model of precision and professionalism. Ms. Humke has especially demonstrated her unwavering commitment to service in 2018 by distinguishing herself within the Forensic Sciences Command of the Division of Forensic Services.

In addition to her normal case-working duties, Ms. Humke actively participated in a number of special assignments. As part of the statewide Biology Command Advisory Board, she worked closely with peers on developing effective procedures for a number of critical operational issues. She was also a key member of the Biology Section’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) committee. Many of the attributes included in the final design of the LIMS matrix were developed using Ms. Humke’s knowledge of robotics and batch processing. Her input into the development of the Laboratory Asset Manager function for the Biology Section was also key to its effectiveness.

In 2018, the “Direct to DNA” initiative truly showcased Ms. Humke’s innovation and leadership skills. Initially launched in 2017 as a pilot project in the Springfield Laboratory, this initiative took biological samples directly from submission to DNA analysis, bypassing the forensic biology screening process and saving significant time in doing so. In 2018, the initiative was expanded by Ms. Humke and her colleagues to incorporate a team approach to facilitate a high-throughput processing of sexual assault kits, dramatically decreasing the turnaround times for these cases. The approach was so successful that it was launched statewide. To facilitate this, Ms. Humke and her team hosted training for all ISP biology analysts in the Direct to DNA collection approach, evidence handling, analytical processing, report wording, and most importantly, the team concept. As a result of this initiative, ISP saw a 28 percent increase in the number of DNA cases completed in 2018, compared to the previous year.

Ms. Humke’s dedication to providing exceptional service to the ISP, the criminal justice system, and the community is recognized and greatly appreciated. The Illinois State Police is honored to recognize Ms. Humke as the 2018 Forensic Scientist of the Year.

2018 Director’s Award of Distinction

“The Director’s Award of Distinction may be presented to any individual, agency, or group outside the Illinois State Police who gave extraordinary support and assistance to accomplish the goals of the Department.”

Award Recipients

  • Special Agent Brandi Forgue, Illinois Gaming Board
  • Special Agent Arie Gray, Illinois Gaming Board
  • Intelligence Officer Nicholas Gray, STIC
  • Intelligence Officer Alana Sorrentino, STIC
  • Paul Ernst, Citizen
  • Rebeccah Dumoriter, Citizen
  • Druva Markowski, Citizen
  • Arthur R. Whitham, Jr., Citizen
  • Israel L. Miranda, Citizen
  • Timothy Forman, Citizen
  • Phillip R. Matar, Fireman/Citizen
  • George F. Nelson, Citizen
  • Russell E. Anderson, Citizen
  • Edward Robinson, Illinois Tollway Authority
  • Officer Glenn Florkow, Secretary of State Police
  • Sergeant Derek Weston, Oakwood Police Department

2019 Medal for Honor

“Awarded to Illinois State Police personnel who perform a heroic act that by its nature results in saving a life, preventing a serious crime, or apprehending a person who committed a serious crime.”

Award Recipients

  • Sergeant Jeffery D. Jones, DOP, Protective Services Unit
  • Trooper Todd A. Hanneken, DOP, District 10

2018 Lifesaving Medal

“Awarded to Illinois State Police personnel who perform actions or who apply techniques that result in saving or sustaining a human life.”

Award Recipients

  • Trooper Andrew J. Delaney, DOP, District 17
  • Trooper Mark D. Vaughn, DOP, District 16
  • Trooper Duane G. Chappell, DOP, District 15
  • Trooper Roman G. Nebelski, DOP, District 15
  • Trooper Robert L. Woodard, DOP, District 10
  • Trooper Manize P. McDonald, DOP, District 2
  • Trooper John M. Murphy, DOP, District 2
  • Trooper Aldo O. Schumann, DOP, District 2
  • Sergeant Joel J. Decatur, DOP, District 15
  • Trooper Keith W. Gray, DOP, District 15
  • Sergeant Carleton Riley, DOP, Protective Services Unit
  • Officer Michael A. Boyd, DOP, Protective Services Unit
  • Officer Xavier L. Rodriquez, DOP, Protective Services Unit
  • Officer Xavier L. Rodriquez, DOP, Protective Services Unit