As required by statute in certain instances, the ISP's Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is often called upon by our local, state, and federal partners to assist in these sensitive investigations. When assisting in these matters, DCI acts as a completely independent investigative entity. DCI purposefully separates its inquiry from the involved agency to maintain investigative independence and avoid conflicts of interest.

The DCI encompasses eight investigative Zones geographically located throughout the state. Investigative responses will be provided by specially trained investigators located in one or more of the eight Zones. Additionally, if required, Crime Scene Investigators, Forensic Scientists, Traffic Crash Reconstruction Officers, Air Operations Officers, and Public Information Officers will be requested to ensure a thoroughly comprehensive response.

When investigating an Officer Involved Death (OID) or Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) by personnel from other law enforcement agencies, ISP personnel from DCI are governed by multiple departmental policies and procedures, as well as state and federal laws. This written guidance governs procedures, such as interviews and interrogations, evidence collection, case preparation, crime scene handling, inter-agency collaborations, media considerations, and prosecutorial submission.

When an outside governmental agency requests DCI assistance, investigative personnel will diligently work to photograph and document crime scenes, collect pertinent evidence, and conduct relevant interviews. Typically, the interviews will include victims, witnesses, suspects, law enforcement officers, and any other subjects deemed relevant to the investigation. The ultimate goal of all investigations is to ensure a comprehensive examination of the incident is conducted.

At the completion of the investigative process, a case file will be submitted for prosecutorial review. This review is typically conducted by one of the 102 County State Attorney's Offices throughout Illinois. However, in unique circumstances, the Illinois Attorney General or the State's Appellate Prosecutor Offices may review an OIS and OID case file.

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**ISP personnel are not responsible for determining whether or not officer's actions were justified. Ultimately, prosecutorial entities are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to file charges in criminal cases, which fall under their geographical and legal jurisdiction. **

**Information provided in the Officer-Involved Investigations Dashboard is made available to the general public, media, and other interested parties for informational purposes only. The information reflects the stored and known data at the time of posting, is subject to change and may be redacted to protect the investigations integrity or involved and uninvolved individuals. **