Ride Along Program

The Illinois State Police (ISP) will promote greater public interest, understanding, cooperation, and support by affording requesting participants involved in any department program, public relations effort, or liaison with other police agencies the opportunity to observe ISP field operations by participating in a ride-along with an ISP officer.

Participant guidelines:

  • Must be a minimum of 14 years-of-age. Individual programs may require an older age of the participants.
  • Participation in the ride-along program is voluntary and the length of the individual’s program depends upon the type of activity to be engaged in.
  • Anyone participating in a ride-along is required to wear body armor. Work unit commanders or their designees will ensure compliance. Authorized participants may wear body armor that is personally owned or issued by another agency as long as the life-cycle date stamped on the armor is within manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • The person participating in the ride-along understands they are strictly riding along as a passive observer and they should not take an active part in any police operation unless directed by the officer, the situation warrants action due to life threatening circumstances, or they are an officer with full police powers.

For additional information, please contact the Illinois State Police Recruiting Office at (217) 785-4370 and (217) 685-4752.