NIBRS Forms & Guidelines

Date Topic
2/28/2024 Updated Code Table for IEPD v5.0

Please note – Possession of Stolen Vehicle IBR mapping has changed from 240=Motor Vehicle Theft to 280=Stolen Property Offenses. This change will enable agencies to charge Possession of Stolen Vehicle then report the property recovered as ‘None’. NIBRS does not allow an agency to recover a motor vehicle stolen from another agency’s jurisdiction.

10/06/2023 Information Exchange Package Documentation v5.0(IEPD)

Please note - you need to download the Zip file to your computer, extract the files, then you can use the catalog file to access the files from the browser. The catalog file will not function properly if you allow your browser to just open the file, downloading it to your computer is necessary.

06/04/2021 NIBRS User Manual April 2021
07/27/2020 July 2020 Update
02/18/2020 NIBRS XML Developer's Guide
11/07/2019 FBI NIBRS Technical Specifications V2019.1
10/17/2019 Local Agency NIBRS Playbook - Version 2
11/01/2018 A Guide to Understanding NIBRS
11/01/2018 Illinois NIBRS Readiness Assessment
11/01/2018 NIBRS Media Kit
11/01/2018 Benefits of NIBRS Participation
11/01/2018 IACP article NIBRS the Future of US Crime Data
11/01/2018 2018 IACP – Legal and Policy Implications for Technology Procurement
11/01/2018 FBI Director Comey NIBRS Transiton Announcement