Local Training

The primary purpose of the Illinois State Police Academy is to prepare new officers for a career in law enforcement. The Academy provides training for local law enforcement officers who have been hired by municipal and county police agencies, as well as provides training for other state law enforcement agencies such as Department of Natural Resources and Department of Revenue. The local law enforcement basic training began at the Academy in October 1976. The local law enforcement basic training is a 560-hour (14 weeks) comprehensive training course. More than 5,000 local law enforcement officers have graduated from the ISP Academy and are pursuing their police careers throughout the state.

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560-Hour Basic Training Announcement

Listed are the training dates for 2023. For registration information or to reserve space in a 560-Hour Basic Training Course, please contact Ms. Tammie McKay via email at Tammie.McKay@illinois.gov or by telephone at 217/786-7054.

  • January 15-April 20, 2023
  • May 7-August 10, 2023
  • September 17-December 21, 2023

The Illinois State Police Academy uses full-time certified officers from outside law enforcement agencies to serve as Supervisors during 560-Hour Basic Training Courses. Law enforcement agencies, who select the Illinois State Police Academy as the training facility for their newly hired personnel, are given the opportunity to send a full-time certified officer from their agency to function as a Supervisor during the 560-Hour Basic Training Course. A unique benefit exists for the certified officer and the law enforcement agency by doing this. The certified officer is given the opportunity to gain valuable supervisory experience in his or her role during the Training Course and the law enforcement agency gets an inside view of the overall training and the individual performance of their trainees. For more information regarding the benefits of providing a Supervisor, please contact Ms. Tammie McKay. Thank you for your support of Illinois State Police Academy training programs.

Authority: Commander Capt. Joshua Ward, ISP Academy