Citizen Survey Form

City Survey The Illinois State Police continues to seek improvements in the quality of the services it provides to the people living in or visiting Illinois. As part of the effort to improve services, we ask that you share your opinions about the Illinois State Police. Please take a few moments to complete this survey. Your response will be part of the ongoing planning effort to place State Police resources where they are most needed, while addressing concerns of Illinois citizens.

Note: Responses to the following questions are used for demographic classification only and not to collect personal information about our respondents.

General Information

Question 1.

Question 2.

Question 3.

Of the above contacts with the Illinois State Police the nature of the contact(s) were: (Select all that apply.)

Question 4.

Which of the above contacts was your most recent contact with an ISP officer or ISP sponsored service? (Select only one.)

Question 5.

Based on your most recent experience with the Illinois State Police:

Please respond to the following questions if you had contact with an employee of the ISP.

Please respond to the following questions if you had contact with an ISP sponsored service.

Question 6.

Question 7.

Please rate how safe you feel today compared to five years ago:

In your community:

On Illinois Highways:

Question 8.

Question 9.

Question 10.

Please rank from 1 (most serious) to 7 (least serious) the following threats to your safety on Illinois' roadways.

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