Complete a Crash Report Online

Welcome to the Illinois State Police Online Crash Reporting Application. This program has been designed to allow motorists involved in certain types of vehicle crashes to make a report online without the on-scene assistance of a law enforcement officer.

Illinois Statute requires any vehicle crash be reported to law enforcement when:

  • There is injury to or death of any person
  • There is damage over $1500 to any single vehicle or property
  • There is over $500 damage to any uninsured vehicle

Only the following types of crashes may be reported utilizing this online program:

  • Single vehicle crashes
  • Property damage only (non-injury) crashes
  • Crashes that occurred on Interstate highways or Illinois State Roadways normally under the jurisdiction of the Illinois State Police

If you have been involved in a crash that does not meet these criteria, please contact law enforcement to make a report.

Please check all that apply and press submit: