ISP District 16

Trooper Brooke Jones-Story

March 03, 1985 – March 28, 2019

On March 28, 2019, Trooper Brooke Jones-Story, #5966, was conducting a motor carrier safety inspection on U.S. Route 20 near Illinois Route 75 in Stephenson County, Illinois. Trooper Jones-Story was outside her squad car and standing on the steps of the truck tractor she had stopped. A second truck tractor/semi-trailer combination neared the site of the inspection headed westbound on U.S. 20. That unit struck Trooper Jones-Story’s squad car parked on the right shoulder and struck the truck tractor upon which Trooper Jones-Story stood. Trooper Jones-Story succumbed to her injuries.

Trooper Jones-Story was a 12-year veteran of the Illinois State Police. She was a member of Cadet Class 115 and upon graduation was assigned to District 16 patrol, where she completed her internship in 2006. Brooke was the wife of retired District 16 Master Sergeant Robert Story #4950. Trooper Jones-Story served as a First Responder Instructor for the ISP. She was highly respected for her work as a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer, by her peers as well as the drivers she inspected. She was a kind and loving person who rescued a variety of animals which needed the tender care Brooke and Robert were delighted to provide.

Trooper Jones-Story grew up in Warren, Illinois, and attended Warren High School. She went on to earn her Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, where she enjoyed playing volleyball with her sister, Lindsey.

“Trooper Jones-Story was senselessly taken from us on the anniversary of the loss of Trooper James Sauter. Knowing the risks associated with her job, Brooke went about it with a strong sense of commitment, diligence and excellence in all she did. She personified our motto: ‘“Integrity, Service, and Pride.”’ Our community is overwhelmed with grief over her loss and she will forever remain in our hearts and minds,” said Captain Carl Heintz, District 16 Commander.

“Brooke was quick to offer guidance whenever I sought her advice, and she was even quicker at turning her head with a look that I knew meant I was going in the wrong direction. Brooke was a great teacher and an even better friend. I will forever miss her smile and her contagious laughter,” added Trooper Bryan McPeek.