Physical Fitness Requirement

Four-Item Physical Fitness Requirement For Officer Applicants

Practical exercise performance requirements are physical activities related to law enforcement tasks. The following practical exercise performance requirements have been identified and must be satisfactorily performed for successful completion of the Merit Board's Physical Fitness requirement.

As with any new physical regimen, please consult your physician before beginning.

  1. Sit and reach Test
    This is a measure of the flexibility of the lower back and upper leg area. It is an important area for performing police tasks that may involve range of motion and is important in minimizing lower back problems.The score is the distance, in inches, reached on a yard stick.
  2. One Minute Sit-up Test
    This is a measure of the muscular endurance of the abdominal muscles. It is an important area for performing police tasks that may involve the use of force. It is also important for maintaining good posture and minimizing lower back problems. The score is the number of correct sit-ups completed in one minute.
  3. One Repetition Maximum Bench Press
    This is the maximum weight pushed from the bench press position, measuring the amount of upper body force that can be generated. It is an important area for performing police tasks requiring upper body strength. The test will be conducted on a Universal DVR-Chest Press. The score is a ratio of weight pushed divided by body weight.
  4. 1.5 Mile Run This is a timed run to measure the heart and vascular systems' capability to transport oxygen. It is an important area for performing police tasks involving stamina and endurance and to minimize the risk of cardiovascular problems. The score is in minutes and seconds.

How to Prepare for the Physical Fitness Test

  1. Preparing for the sit and reach test
    Performing sitting type of stretching exercises daily will increase this area. Sit And Reach. Sit on the floor with legs straight. Slowly bend forward at the waist and extend fingertips toward the toes (keep legs straight). Hold for 10 second. Repeat 5 times. Towel Stretch. Sit on the floor with legs straight. Wrap a towel around feet, holding each end of the towel with one hand. Lean forward and pull gently on the towel, extending the torso toward toes. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  2. Preparing for the sit-up test
    Do as many bent leg sit-ups (hands behind the head) as possible in one minute. This is the set number. Do 3 sets at a time, at least 3 times a week.
  3. Preparing for the 1 repetition maximum bench press
    If weights are available, determine the maximum weight that can be bench pressed at one time. Calculate 60% of that weight to determine training weight. A set is 8 - 10 repetitions of that weight. Do 3 sets weekly, adding 2 ½ to 5 pounds every week. If weights are not available, push-up exercises can be utilized. Determine how many push-ups can be done in one minute. This is the set number. Do 3 sets at a time, at least 3 times a week.
  4. Preparing for the 1.5 mile run Below is a gradual schedule that will enable a maximum effort for the 1.5 mile run. If possible, advance the schedule on a weekly basis, proceeding to the next level. If the distance can be covered in less time, that should be encouraged

Walk Activity Distance Time Fequency
1 Walk 1 Mile 20 minutes-17 minutes 5 Times Weekly
2 Walk 1.5 Mile 29 minutes-25 minutes 5 Times Weekly
3 Walk 2 Mile 35 minutes-32 minutes 5 Times Weekly
4 Walk 2 Mile 30 minutes-28 minutes 5 Times Weekly
4 Walk/Jog 2 Mile 27 minutes 5 Times Weekly
6 Walk/Jog 2 Mile 26 minutes 5 Times Weekly
7 Walk/Jog 2 Mile 25 minutes 5 Times Weekly
8 Walk/Jog 2 Mile 24 minutes 4 Times Weekly
9 Jog 2 Mile 23 minutes 4 Times Weekly
10 Jog 2 Mile 22 minutes 4 Times Weekly
11 Jog 2 Mile 21 minutes 4 Times Weekly
12 Jog 2 Mile 20 minutes 4 Times Weekly

Illinois State Police Merit Board Physical Fitness Standards

Test Male Female
Age 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59
Sit and Reach 16.5 in. 15.5 in. 14.3 in. 13.3 in. 19.3 in. 19.3 in. 17.3 in. 16.8 in.
Per Minute Sit-up 38 35 29 24 32 25 20 14
Maximum Bench Press (% of total weight) .99 .89 .80 .71 .59 .53 .50 .44
1.5 Mile Run 12:51 13:36 14:29 15:26 15:26 15:57 16:58 17:54