Access to Information

The following records, completed by Illinois State Police officers/employees, are maintained by the Illinois State Police and may or may not be releasable pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Annual Expenses
  • Annual Reports
  • Audits
  • Budget/Cost Center Information
  • Crash/Reconstruction Reports
  • Crime Scene Photographs
  • Criminal History Record Information
  • Facility Leases
  • Field Reports
  • Forensic Services Laboratory Records and Case Reports
  • Inventory
  • Investigative Files
  • Invoice Vouchers
  • Payroll Records
  • Policy Manuals
  • Press Releases
  • Purchase Orders and Contracts
  • Training Records
  • Uniform Crime Reports
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records

A FOIA request is not necessary to obtain the following information because it is immediately available or there is a separate process to obtain the records: