Asset Seizure & Forfeiture


Pursuant to the “Seizure and Forfeiture Reporting Act” (5 ILCS 810/10) all agencies (including but not limited to law enforcement agencies, a drug task force, Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG), State’s Attorney office and the Appellate Prosecutor’s office) which receives proceeds from forfeitures subject to reporting under this Act shall file an annual report with the Illinois State Police no later than 60 days after December 31 of that year. The format of the report shall be developed by the Illinois State Police and shall be completed by the law enforcement agency.

The Illinois State Police shall establish and maintain on its official website a public database that includes annual aggregate data for each law enforcement agency that reports seizures of property, which receives distributions of forfeiture proceeds, or reports expenditures subject to reporting under this Act.

2021 Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Report (2020 Data):

2020 Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Report (2019 Data):